Do you want to learn more about horses, maybe even own a horse, or compete with horses in a safe and friendly environment? Does it ever seem like a life with horses, whether you are new to riding or a seasoned competitor, is impossible because you “live in the city”? Because you are concerned about yours or your loved ones safety? Because you are not sure where to find experienced, established professionals, and not just someone who is “here today, but gone tomorrow (or next week, or next month)”?

These are just a few questions that many people ask themselves when they consider adding horses to their lives, but then deny themselves the opportunity because they don’t have the knowledge, don’t have the time, and let’s be honest, don’t have the finances to make horses a part of their life. But for anyone who is interested in horses, remember this quote from Winston Churchill “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” (or woman or child).

If this resonates with you, then welcome to North Texas Equestrian Center, Inc. (NTEC). You can look forward to frequent updates from the stable, from the road to horse shows, and testimonials from people just like yourself. And please check out our website, packed full of information about our great facility, staff, and of course, horses. So get ready to “ride” …