Looking for a place to board a horse? NTEC offers full service boarding. With both the facility owner on premise, and staff members on site, horse owners can be assured that their horses are checked frequently and that the horse’s care is closely supervised. 4 barns make up our stable. In each barn, stalls are 12 x 12 with solid concrete walls and rubber mat flooring. Each stall features a large window and sliding doors which are wood below and railing above.

Boarding your horse at North Texas Equestrian Center has several benefits, including:

Professional Care: We have experienced staff who can provide professional care for your horse, including feeding, grooming, and daily exercise.

Safe and Secure Environment: We have secure facilities, such as fenced pastures and stalls, to ensure the safety of your horse.

Convenient Location: We are close to popular riding trails and arenas, making it convenient for you to ride and compete.

Access to Amenities: NTEC has amenities such as indoor and outdoor arenas, wash racks, and tack rooms, which can enhance your riding experience.

Socialization Opportunities: Boarding your horse at North Texas Equestrian Center provides opportunities for your horse to socialize with other horses, which can help to reduce stress and improve behavior.

Peace of Mind: Boarding your horse at NTEC allows you to travel without worrying about the care and safety of your horse.

Access to Expertise: We have experienced trainers and instructors who can provide expert training and advice to help improve your riding skills and the performance of your horse.

Boarding your horse at North Texas Equestrian Center can provide a safe, convenient, and enjoyable environment for both you and your horse. By taking advantage of the professional care and amenities offered, you can enhance your riding experience and improve the health and well-being of your horse.

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