What is English Riding?

NTEC specializes in English riding lessons. English riding is one of two main equestrian riding styles (English and Western). The most significant difference between English and Western is the equipment or tack for the horse. English riding features a flatter, lighter saddle allowing the rider to be in close contact with the horse.  This type of saddle allows for fuller movement of the horse when performing dressage or jumping.  The English bridle typically has a continuous or buckled set of reins. Two hands are used on the reins at all times with the rider maintaining direct contact with the horse via the bit(s).


What are the types of English Riding

North Texas Equestrian Center (NTEC) specializes in English riding including: Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, ParaDressage, and Eventing. Dressage, ParaDressage, Show Jumping, and Eventing are Olympic sports.

Dressage in its simplest definition is the highest expression of horse and rider training, and includes the rider guiding the horse through a series of predetermined movements under saddle with increasing levels of difficulty. When competing in Dressage or ParaDressage, a horse and rider will perform a series of movements, with each movement scored on a scale of 0-10. Judges will look at the accuracy/quality of the movements, as well as the horse’s gaits and overall harmony between horse and rider. 

Hunters and Jumpers involve the rider guiding their horse over a predetermined course which includes jumping obstacles with increasing levels of difficulty. When competing, hunters and jumpers are scored differently. The goal of Show Jumping is for a horse and rider to jump the obstacles without the horse knocking down any obstacles within the time allowed. Therefore, the
fastest clean jumping round wins. In Hunters, judges will look at the quality of the horse’s jump, the horse’s gaits, and overall harmony between horse and rider.

Eventing is made up of three different phases including: Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country Jumping. Cross Country Jumping involve jumping obstacles over a natural course rather than within a show ring, typically at higher speeds. The goal of Cross Country Jumping is for a horse and rider to complete the course within the time allowed without any falls or refusals to jump.

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