NTEC had a great time at 2022 Region 9 Regionals!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

– Dr. Schiwago 9 and Zainab Shah were Champion for both their PSG classes and was Reserve Champion in Fourth level

– NTEC Hon Soller and Julia Handt competed in Fourth level and Fourth freestyle and received scores up to 70+% and got Reserve Champion

– NTEC Classico and Ananya Settipalli finished their first Regionals together and competed in Training level and placed 3rd in the open show

– Apollo and Zelda Casanova finished their first year together by competing in Training level and First and received scores up to 67+% Apollo also was the highest scoring Holsteiner in the open show

– Cashmere and Talia Holmes completed their second dressage show together with promising scores in Training level and finished 6th in the open show